How I stay skinny

skinny-pants-200x200 I started skipping dinner to lose weight a few month ago, and I’ve managed to keep the weight off. Many people ask me how I did it. Here are the three principles that helped me stay skinny. The most important one is looking up information on the net, which there is enough of. It is way too easy to give in to temptation and overeat. So I made it part of my weight loss strategy to actually change my mindset and character, so I produce a net negative calorie count and lose weight. I also went on a huge cycling tour with this bike tour holland operator, which made me lose 5 pounds plus. These are three powerful principles that made all the difference for me.

The Power of the 21 Day Habit
Did you know that if you wanted to turn something into a habit, you only need to keep doing it for 21 days straight? No joke. You only need to keep doing something for 21 days for it to become ingrained into your daily schedule. You can also use this principle to lose a bad habit. It works for all sorts of bad habits from smoking to drinking to even talking trash about other people. To implement the 21 day habit plan, I got a day planner and put a specific start date. I also listed what my diet goals were for that day. My daily goal was to have a big breakfast, drink lots of water, and skip dinners. I stuck to the plan for 21 days. Did it work? Let’s just put it this way, I get really guilty if I eat dinners. It worked like a charm because it changed my mindset. I don’t even dream of eating a heavy meal for dinner. A good diet is also good for the growth of your hair (as explained on growhairguru ) because of all the vitamins and nutrients.

The more you do things, the better you get
Skipping a meal? Are you crazy? This was my line of thought when I first started my diet regiment. I knew that it was the right thing to do but the emotional part of me was putting up quite a fight. The good news was that every day I checked off on my day planner, the better I got at managing my cravings. After day 14, I can actually anticipate my hunger pangs. I started devising ways to defeat the hunger pangs. After day 21, skipping a meal and my hunger solutions have become a habit. After a few more weeks, I lost the hunger pangs. Also, eating eggs can give a lot of good benefits as well, learn here how to hard boil eggs.

You are in control
Finally, you have to always remember that if you have any sort of problem, the solution lies with you. Not your parents. Not your spouse. And definitely not your friends. It’s all about you. You are the one needs to educate yourself. You are in control over your life and you look and weigh the way you do because of decisions you made in the past. Take ownership of your ability to control what goes on in your life and use that power to decide to benefit you for a change.

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